Pull up Stands



A very popular, strong and stylish design, proven as a reliable banner for regular use. Ideal for simple displays or exhibitions.

Available in 800 or 1000mm widths





  • Available in anodised silver
  • Ratchet graphic tensioner
  • Larger internal graphic housing
  • Universal grippa / adhesive top rail
  • Fast graphic change
  • Telescopic pole



Orient – Orient 2

Popular stylish roller banner in 800,1000,1200, 1500 and 2000mm widths.






  • Front-loading graphic pulls up from the front of the base giving your message floor to rail visibility
  • Adjustable feet – ideal for levelling on uneven surfaces.
  • High-specification carry bag with extra padding for durability and protection
  • Suitable for graphics from 160 – 400 microns
  • Universal rail
  • Orient 2 supplied complete with two rollers and new-design more secure doubler.









A versatile banner that has been designed with simplicity of use in mind. Original 2 is manufactured in the UK, allowing us to offer it in a choice of six widths. The larger sizes offer a very cost-effective solution for wide-format graphic displays.



  • Hard-wearing end-plates
  • Adjustable feet – ideal for leveling on uneven surfaces
  • Quick-change external slide-in leader system for base graphic attachment fabricated from a unique robust ‘Co-Ex’ extrusion PVC component.
  • High-specification carry bag with extra padding for durability and protection
  • Available in the following widths:600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm,1500mm, 2000mm, 2400mm



As a super lightweight roller banner, Pacific has a slim base making it very compact and portable. With twist out foot the banner is given added stability and makes perfect use of small space.




  • Universal grippa / adhesive top rail
  • Available in anodised silver
  • Available in 1000mm width
  • Fixed height bungee pole


Wasp Roller Banner from the Basics economy range

Roller Banner





  • 800/850/1000mm Wide
  • Double Twist out feet
  • Snap Rail


Eco banner stand with twist out foot. graphics held by clip header & velcro to bottom, easy to change graphics. Hardware comes with 5 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.