Why choose Digiprint

Why choose Digiprint?

Digiprint - where green isn’t just a colour

~ We have over 30 years experience as print professionals

~ We care about our customers and become an extension  to your own team,

~ We care about our work and we will make sure that you are delighted with the result.

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Hug the earth with digiprint

Environmentally Aware Print is just the beginning on a long road to healing the planet, 

Digiprint can help you on this journey.
All papers used are from Sustainable sources, Large format inks are water based,  Laser Toners are organic in origin with no need for Fuser Oil.

All laminate and mount films also utilise water based adhesives.

 The sustainable solution is the best option.

Combining recycled fibre and virgin fibre provides a sustainable solution for the future. 100% recycled paper cannot be recycled indefinitely – the fibre downgrades and eventually cannot be used for papermaking. That is why the paper we use contains a percentage of virgin fibre – it’s a sustainable product with strong environmental credentials that does not compromise print quality and is affordable.
The actual papermaking process will be the same whether the pulp contains virgin or recycled fibre. Furthermore, the use of recycled paper reduces the need for landfill.

Is the production of recycled paper more damaging to the environment than normal paper?

Recycled paper manufacture uses up to 70% less energy than virgin papermaking, uses less water, releases fewer pollutants and reduces the amount of waste that has to be disposed of one way or another.
No additional bleaching is used to remove ink either – it’s actually removed by soaps. So, it’s not true that the amount of bleach required is more for recycled pulp.
Is recycled paper of less quality than normal paper?
The techniques for recycling paper have advanced dramatically over the last 15 years to the point where recovered papermaking fibre can be made as clean as it was in its virgin state. Paper previously used can be ‘born again’ and made almost as good as new and ‘coated’ recycled papers provide a surface that is just as good as any normal paper.


Running an average web-server releases as much carbon-dioxide as a large car.

Digiprint is supported by efficient servers and is committed to offsetting the carbon that running those servers does release with the aim of hosting carbon neutral websites.