Suspended displays

1.5mm or 3mm cables, combined with an extensive range of accessories, including acrylic poster pockets, glass shelves, free-standing units and banner rails.  Suspended from the ceiling or floor, the system will make products appear to be floating in mid-air.

Cable system fittings are made from solid brass and available in a variety of finishes.


Tsuspended display fittingshe incredible range of design options enables the specifier to create all types of suspended displays for retailers, offices, airports, museums and exhibition stands.

The systems can be used to create signage, graphic and poster displays, shelving systems, leaflet dispensers, menu systems, banner displays and Point of Sale units.  Low-voltage lighting can be integrated into the displays to increase the impact and your sales.

To create a powerful display you need poweful sales tools. Let Digiprint help you to make the correct decision.