Personalised Photographic Gifts


Photo Slates –  Mirrors –  Coasters –  Bag Hangers


Personalised Plant Pot

  • Bright white ceramic flowerpot sublimation printed with any image or message of your choice
  • Entire outside of item is coating in sublimation coating
  • Hole at bottom for plants to soak up water
  • Unusual and great item – perfect for growing herbs on your window cill

What else can I do with this?

This  flowerpot is most obviously good for creating personalised  flowerpots. However the item can also double as a pencil or make up holder for a desk or dressing table.

Photo Slate

A ”Photo Slate“ – A new innovation in photographic display

Real slate with your image printed directly onto the surface.

A heavy and sturdy item, size: approx 6“ x 6” (14.5cm x 14.5cm)


Square and rectangular options are also available.

Personalised Mirror


Personalised compact mirrors.

Available in square or heart shapes, comprising  of a stainless steel case and two mirrors.

Printed with your favourite photo or message


Personalised Coasters

Various styles and finishes available. In sets of 4 or 6 .

– 100mm round glass

– 87mm round ceramic

– 95mm Hardwood.

– 100mm Square card   (with cork backing).






Bag Hanger

Keep your handbag off the floor and CLEAN with our clever Bag Hanger.

A convenient way to hang handbags on the edge of any tables and keep it clean..

Keeps your handbag in sight and by your side.

Simply hang your handbag on the hook, place the disk on the edge of the table or desk and your handbag is safely secured and hooked!

These compact and foldable items just store in your bag until needed.

Supplied in a lined gift box.

Personalise with your own  image.

How about buying them for your friends with their own images

The handbag hook will hold up to 12 pounds with ease.